Cozmo Beregofsky

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I look into your eyes the colour of blue
and see the best of your mother in you.
And even though the trouble we knew,
I was blessed just to love her, it’s true.
Now she rests in another one’s view,
but my chest is recovered, renewed.
A broken heart is one, once it was two.
And I will always see the best of your mother in you.


Strength and Benevolence


Beautiful lady wanna be my lover

so I eat her up like peanut butter.
Smooth with the moves in between the covers.
Loves me so much she wanna be a mother.
Two little girls gonna see a brother
move in a world full of peace and love.
Rediscover how to treat each other
with appreciation even under
extreme circumstances.
In the vastness of the heart it’s
pure strength and benevolence.



These thoughts that drift by I decide to let in.
Chilling in the west wing
of the Adelaide surrounds.
I'm done being a clown.
I'm lifting,
my whole mind state shifting!
Eclipsing all of the confusion from the past
and moving into the vast
wisdom existing.
So interesting listening
to the silence of this moment
and wondering in amazement at how the universe composed it.

Interactive Facebook Freestyles

Cozmo: If you would like to write a few random words in a comment below, I will write a little freestyle and try to incorporate your words into the rhymes...This could be interesting...
Friend: Begin, challenge, stumble, path, success
Cozmo: Plug the mic in and begin. On a verbal grenade pull the pin and try my best to win. But win or lose we must choose to accept it. Anything else is a death wish to happiness. Bring the same confidence that I left with. Quite deceptive with efforts and how you might interpret my desire to claim victory. I remain physically quick with these thoughts and sometime I stumble which is a good thing because it keeps me humble which is good because it helps me stay out of trouble and concentrate on following the path of light through the dark. I'm like stew the shark before he sees me as food and starts to consume me. The universe is roomy, and just to be here is a great success! So give yourself a pat on the back and to you I've just gotta say congrats simply for being alive.
Friend 2: desert uranium government delicate travesty
Cozmo: In the middle of the dessert they are mining uranium. Some people are saying "that radiation is bad for your cranium!" Australian uranium is of great value to the government's interests to invest and the economy will win, yes. It's a big test for humans to overcome global warming. Scientists are warning that the weather will be getting a bit more stormy. And this planet is so delicate. People treat it like were gonna escape to mars and never remember it. And when I say 'it' I mean the planet Earth. Damn it's worth more than a van in perth, or a can of worms, or a man who earns a million dollars a year. Burning the Earth's surface is what the people fear. The skies are not clear. They are covered with pollution. It's a fusion of travesty, majesty, and sheeple so casually acting the same patterns and I'm definately one of them.
Friend 2: !!♡wow!♡!
Friend 3: Horror
Cozmo: Some people fight with honour but unfortunately to their horror others appear not to be bothered with morals. Dive in the shallow water and get cut on the coral. I don't like to quarral, it brings no satisfaction, so if you're acting wack, son, you'll get no reaction.

Interactive Facebook Freestyles 2

Cozmo: Somebody throw me a word and I'll try to freestyle on it.
Friend 1: Unity
Cozmo: We need unity in the comunity
and if you can be suitably
inclined, we will all have a fun time
we run the lines,
assign rhymes to mid air
to rocket ship booster strength
we go to great lengths to remove stench
with odour fresheners
Friend 1: You can't stop now :-) Compelled
Cozmo: That's right i cant stop because i am compelled
every negative thought gets expelled
to he hell
that it belongs at
a lion is a strong cat
and i named my son after him
brave like a lion
and maybe in the future he'll be rhyming
or dividing atoms or some sort of scientific genius
who believes in this?
I know i certainly do
i'm not perfectly rude,
i'm perfectly imperfect
and i'm worth it
but i won't buy a pack of loreal.
Friend 2: Leon
Cozmo: Leon
is abslutely well and truly beyond
any other thing in terms of importance
and i simply can't ignore this.
I adore his smile
and his style
and the way we take a while
longer than expected to walk home because he insists that he walks.
He's learning to talk
and drawing with chalk
and he like's bikes.
I might take him for a ride
after work tomorrow.
I will be so proud if in his father's footsteps he will follow.
And equally as proud no matter what activities he does.
This is true love.
Well probably better log off in a minute
but wait, i can't be finished
i simply ate way to much spinich,
now i shift this
level of focus to the next,
never stressed
ready to express words from slightly to the left in my chest
a.k.a the heart
and i love to laugh
and share a few jokes
i spoke regularily
and now i'm very wary of the best of speech
self challange, if you get my drift coz i'm not sure if i do
my rhyming mood
continues and i'm going to stop soon
at the 3 minute mark
i took 3 wickets like a shark
as the opening bowler of d grade cricket
behave wicked.
I'm out.
Friend 2: iPad- haha
Cozmo:  I didn't see your ipad comment till just then,
so allow me to kick a fresh funky rhyme, my friend.
So it was that you said 'iPad'
and for this I'm glad
sometimes i might bag
up a few oranges.
When i kick the freestyle typing it astonishes
only some people. And others don't notice
however there's no hocus pocus
only focus
and concentration
in the Australian nation.
I have patience to face this
everyday activity and rap with agility
my abilities to play football are diminished and ease
to kick right legged is gone.
Friend 2: Punk
Cozmo: I love funk
I love rock I love punk.
Hip hop music with the bass in the trunk.
Metal and the way that it clunks.
All genres hold so much singnificance
in the way that the world is in it's appearances.
The way that music has shaped me as a person.
Despersed unrehearsed words begin surging,
lurching forth into the future like some kinda super hero.
Speak no evil and hear no
We will accomplish great things as Earthlings,
but only when we are deserving.

Improvised Rhyme Typing on Facebook

This is some improvised rhyme typing that I did on a Facebook chat just then. NOTE: This is un-edited stream of consciousness style writing. It took about 10 seconds or less for me to write each line...

Cozmo: wanna throw me a word and I will freestyle and rhyme with it? if i type ... that means i want a new word.

Friend: Ok but btw Leon did like 31 steps b4!....
Cozmo: wow cool Leon did 31 steps
we get ready to rehearse the fun repetitions
of something entertaining
to rhyme is the main thing
you won't see me wearing lame bling
or jewlery
don't want to make a fool of me
i didnt go to school ya see
to be a fool for free
they give away prizes
as sneaky tax evasions...

Friend: Forever

Cozmo: i be clever
that is my endevour
no matter the weather
i am strong kinda like leather
but even better
when i sever
with crazy neat
and be
so honestly
on top of the
game and rock a free
never lame
or plain...

Friend: Heart

Cozmo: heart from the start
to the finish
if it's dark
then extinguish
with the light
destroy the blight
and the negative plight
don't wanna fight
just rather bite
on a delicious snack
drink a beverage
i live in a shack
and haven't got leverage
in the music industry...

Friend: Eternal

Cozmo: vist the Kernal
as usual with the munchies
halucinating saw humpty dumpty
some music bass thumping
kicks rumble
the concrete jungle
who's ya uncle?
well it differs for everybody
wheres wally?he's been acting quite jolly
i wanna see if he wants to join me for volley
ball golly
that would be absolutely magnificent
this is some entertaing rap isn't it?...
Anyways that's probably enough for now.

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