Cozmo Beregofsky

The Beregofsky Experience

Blinded by the mind mist. Have arrived at this, desperately needing a reverse Jedi mind trick. In search of the timeless finish line that only can exist if there's a beginning. Ignorance is stinging, thinking of being a know-it-all 'til the cow's going all the way home without knowing how to be because of segregation, self-separation, anticipation. Waiting to become patient. Rhyming through the mind mist to assist with bliss that's rising quick. Device exists: surviving with survival tool. Price that fools will pay when they hide the jewels away is unappealing; concealin' the feelin' of revealin' really healin', clear of intentions of steelin' from New-Zealand or an individual entity. Energy and ideas exchanged. We stay sane when the exchange rate remains.


Well I've been uncertain of my purpose, searchin' the Earth's surface since birth in the person. Researchin' the curved surplus of the universe 'n' learning the turns that weren't worthless. In other words, workin' the word skills furthest. As a public speaker, once in a blue moon nervous. Reason enough to be rockin' a few verses like the time when I rhymed at a primary school service; servin' the first verses at least ten years earlier than you heard this. Rehearsed words were conversed, dispersed without any urgency. Surgin' up in me: the ultimate feeling of certainty. Certainly furthered me, perfectly serving me, effectively nurturing these personal word-nerdy tendencies. So now I'm relentlessly blessing these mics. I'm in ecstasy. You could say that my destiny is to emcee to the best of me, definitely. This is how it's meant to be. You can't argue with that. The truth has been sent to me.

When I'm moving through this confusion, love's what I'm choosin'. I'm steadily cruisin', improvin' immensely. Words reaching extensively deep into the minds of these emcees who wanna rhyme like me. Give it up. You're just an actor tryin'a play a rapper, creativity lackin'. This bruisin' attack is the consequential event. The whole of my crew is going to do what it takes to take the gold and the silver and the bronze medals, but it's not metal, it's hip hop. Mentals will be wrestling when we're emceeing. Now the question is: Have we ever been forgettable? I'll make you remember, fool! Confiscate your weed, make it memorable in the short term and the long term. Far beyond words; this is now a part of your person.


Inventin' the venom 'n' sendin' them messages endlessly. Enemies better be credible emcees to pester me even. Expecting to mess with these sedative, definite, benevolent-medicine sentences? Better be hesitant for your own benefit. This is the eloquence said to be relevant. Plenty of cleverness evidence, never erroneous. Ready to mention impressive assemblies resembling blessings of anything pleasant essentially. I wanna pave the way for greater days. And I wanna taste a change at a later stage. And I wanna say g'day to all my mates in Adelaide: my favourite place for laziness, because I'm friendly - even when I emcee. I'm generous a plenty. If you want help come and get me. Empty out all my selfishness regularly. That's the way that we can all have pleasure, see?


Cozmo Beregofsky