From the recording ADL - Orchestral Mix

Produced by Cozmo Beregofsky
Co-produced by The Cratez


I'm just another brother. I'm just a brother from another mother of another colour for us to love each other; for us to love another brother of another colour with another mother and another brother.

Adelaide's the place where I chill; where I build skill; all of my dreams are fulfilled. I'm never standing still, trying to climb the high hills. Real with the spiel, trying to rhyme for nice meals. I want the mass appeal so I can sign the right deal. Fatten up the yield so I can buy some nice wheels, but until then I'm gonna drive inside of a Datsun. 1981 was the year it was manufactured. The fact is that it's not adequate and it lacks bits. That gives auto-mechanics plenty of practice. Rapping to the track I've got the fatness. Immaculate facts packed in my chapters. Cruising 'round town with the sound. Time slowing down to the point that it's almost moving backwards. The maximum lack of action is happening. Sweet satisfaction is Adelaide slackness.

Grenfell Street all the way to the train station is a downhill journey that's perfect for skateboarding. I never wear a helmet. That's why I'll always be breaking laws indeed, but anyway I'm staying relaxed to take more in of the city sights. The place of a simple life. This environment promoting being inspired is nice. It's the perfect habitat for the rapper writin' the rhymes. And the bigger that the city is, the higher the price. So I reside on the south side of an island where it's not about the cars, superstardom, or diamonds. Got my eyesight intertwined with the horizon. When I'm freestyling you can see my mind is wise an' I'm quite a nice guy who despises violence, and despises despising itself to find silence. Nothingness, peace of mind to find kindness. Aligned with the mighty fine divine aliveness.

City of Churches is the city of verses. City of sitting back with a billy and herbs just livin' an' lovin' life with the synergy perfect. Rippin’ another mic; electricity surges. Rap ability surplus got these emcees all fidgety nervous. Stomp on these sheep like gorilla (guerrilla) berserkers. I’m not to be seen in the industry circus. Nah, I’m on a mission to service authenticity when I’m spittin’ the verses. Talking on a beat, getting busy and working. Walking on the street, one in a million persons. Doing military service isn’t my cup of tea. I’m like a hippy with purpose. All of these girls are looking so pretty and perfect. Make love but not war; it’ll be worth it.