Jokes by Cozmo Beregofsky

Hi, I'm Mr King, first name: Joe.

I think hip hop's pretty good. It just gets a bad rap.

The one inconvenience of ordering dinner for home delivery during hot weather is that I'm supposed to wear pants when I answer the door.

Almond milk is for baby almonds, not humans!

So The Wiggles have become immortal. It appears that from now on, when a Wiggle reaches a certain age, it will be replaced by a new one to don the coloured scivvy and they will carry on like nothing happened. This seems very similar to the ways of the comic book super hero, The Phantom. In honour of my observation, I would appreciate it if the producers of The Wiggles would kindly change the name of their show to The Wiggles: Ghosts Who Wiggle.

So the Cavs have closed out the series against Chicago and the LeBron James/Michael Jordan​ comparisons continue to gain momentum. Fair enough really; after all, LeBron has done something numerous times that Jordan could never have accomplished... he's won a playoffs series against the Chicago Bulls.