1. Drunken Monkey

From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by The Cratez
Co-produced by Cozmo Beregofsky


Groovy illusions, over the moon. Feel the forces, soon to consume.

Drunken Monkey's vision's fuzzy when he's sucking on the booze. Groovy illusions, over the moon. Somethin' funky on the stereo. Intoxicated moves. Groovy illusions, over the moon.

When you hear the Beregofsky flow you can tell I'm buzzin’ like a mosquito. Speaking on a mic is gonna cost green notes 'cause I'm not the type to watch the broccoli grow. Gotta heave-ho 'cause I don't wanna be slow. It's gotta be pro when I'm droppin' these flows. Just wanna be awesome and release endorphins in increased portions for the fun of it. Runnin' it over these beats that are under it, in Australia: the lucky country, and I'm lovin' it. Satisfaction is maximum. Back is in a hammock. Just being slack and playing some Pac Man. Magic land that was never on the map. Plan classic enactment and accurate just like a Jackie Chan action attraction. A manageable graf can - imagine that in my hand - spray to the max, man. Instead, I kick a fat jam, smokin' a joker like I was Batman. Drunken monkeys, get funky. Get off the wall like your name was Humpty Dumpty.

Every emcee is thinking that they're the shit. Yeah, right - the best cold beer is Vic. It's ridiculous how the system is; people will think what they wanna think and it's a waste of time tryna resist, but I wish human beings would see the huge machine and start to rage against. That's a brave intent; most of us struggle as it is tryna pay the rent. They gave a fake address to police incase arresting the people takes a presence on scene. It's dangerous levels of dealing, making the recipe steam just for survival. Everyday livin' as innocent women and kids are imprisoned in thinkin' until they're driven to insanity. And it's just reality that sin's risen, and winners are grinners, and some winners are just fibbers and sinister - sad to say. These are some villains swimmin' in millions of dollars: some ex-presidents and prime ministers. Listen to this, this is the wish: we raise the fist, persist to stand against racist pricks assisting the dissonance in an amazing mix of planet Earth citizens. The planet Earth citizens.