Mother Culture's Circle 

Struggle is on in this person, in amongst myself, then I listen to the rhythm and it’s funky as hell. ‘Cause I’m balancing my eggs and I’m running as well. Am I winning, am I losing? Man, I can’t even tell. Repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle; it’s repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle; it’s repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle, man, stuff this! However, by the sea and next to the desert is a land with some people whose minds can expand. From the meditator, to the poet, and the…

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You can see imperfection. It's especially present in so many rigged elections and natural selection and living on the pension. Best your pessimism isn't in effect, son. You've got the terrorism and the mannerisms of the men and women that wanna be rid of them enemies. Never medicine to better them. When death is entertaining soldiers of another nation it's a felony.

We develop the relevant truth for the remedy. Never letting intelligence drop when they're sellin' me all these images in cinemas and television…

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James Bong 007 

Feel the forces of awesomeness 'cause Mary Jane's a mighty sorcerous. Gives me the special effects. Positive thoughts of this awkward bliss caused to exist from metamorphoses of the consciousness. It's illegal, but I'm remorseless. Smoking started as an adolescent, late nineties, fond of freestyle rhyming also listening to Cypress' songs. These days the lights are on, green on my vaporizer bong. 193 degrees. Nice and strong. Weed price is wrong 'cause our rights are gone to utilise nature's supplies. Please…

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Force of Nature 

Every thing is going to die and every thought is going to die. And the most will be made of this moment, and this moment alone, for this moment is all there is and ever will be; it's a party.

Every word that I speak is music, seven days of any week. And it's true, every single move that I make is dance and the performance is vast in the life that we take for granted, but I can't without the rain clouds moving across blue skies many times. They're fortunate enough to float way above the planet and be witness…

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Masters of Consciousness 

Emcees charging entry fees seems obscene when they speak on a mic but don't know the meaning of emcee. Face it, this is not a vacation. More hip hop than painting a train station is gonna be needed. Your song's incomplete like jazz without triplets. It sounds ridiculous. I listened and some people said that ignorance is bliss. Back when I was ignorant it was like the taste of piss. Now there's plenty of them emcees, dense, tryna be trendy when rhymin' immensely pathetic and empty, unoriginal speeches…

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A Guide to Your Opinion 

Here, ready to bless tracks with no stress. Plenty emcees test, but in fact you're hopeless. You don't wanna miss Mr Beregofsky hippin' an' hoppin' an' kickin' the mad philosophy properly. We're gonna flip the real scripts. Too much love for tough thugs to deal with. Beyond ill will, we build fields for endless yields of realness so that the people can feel this.

I can bring the funky dialect to your sector. The unelected peasant-prospect protector. This is a golden opportunity. Don't even try 'cause I'm not…

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If they were looking down onto the Earth, the aliens would be laughing at us. The crazy stuff we do; the way we fight; the aliens would be laughing at us.

From the womb to the tomb, try to zoom to the moon. Consuming a balloon of goon to escape the doom ‘n’ gloom. Used to pick up the pen just to pass the time when I was bored. These days when I pick up the pen it’s more like war. Draw the sword, improve the groove. Somethin' to prove. Got a long way to go. Gotta thank those of you who’ve been bumpin’ the…

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Operation: World Peace 

Can we please be real? When it's all just a game these lives are destroyed. For the personal gain, anticipate men will be boys and guns will be toys. Anti-evolution of a human, losing wisdom and seduced by consumerism. Choosing systems of improving prisons of these groovy things and the desire that they usually bring.

An obsession with numbers. All they wanna do: gain possession, then slumber. Wake up again and gain more possession, then slumber. Eating up resources with digestion of a bunyip. They lose…

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Choose Your Own Awareness 

You can view the abusive moves easily. See the media brew the mood sleazily. Television amuses consumers with the new despicable news to confuse us. Disapprove? Yes, I certainly do. The nuisance is it's right in front of us - doesn't mean that we're seein' it. Visually unreceptive and we're not seein' it. And we're all physically unresponsive 'cause it's a part of life. It appears that we're deep fried vegetables on the couch eating deep fried vegetables while the companies keep thy message full in the mind…

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Smiling Eyes 

Disrupting emptiness: seductive clutches, human clusters. Those smiling eyes.

It's a yes or no question. If the answer's 'yes', then it's gotta be definite. He started out benevolent. He's feeling like a predator now that it's the end of the relationship of take an' giving. An insane addiction to the same religion. Both remaining distant from the faith-inflicted consequences on defences that rely on reason for believing in 'em. People say one thing and do another. You can ask his ex-lover 'cause it's never…

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The Beregofsky Experience 

Well, I've been uncertain of my purpose, searchin' the Earth's surface since birth in the person. Researchin' the curved surplus of the universe 'n' learning the turns that weren't worthless. In other words, workin' the word skills furthest. As a public speaker, once in a blue moon, nervous. Reason enough to be rockin' a few verses like the time when I rhymed at a primary school service; servin' the first verses at least ten years earlier than you heard this. Rehearsed words were conversed, dispersed…

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Curiosity Complex 

Some are preaching love, but they harm with aggression.
And people wanna know stuff, but they don't ask questions.
It's a crazy world with a lot to teach.
These days being a poor person isn't cheap.

So many intentions and perceptions from the different angles entangled;
a million opinions in the truth.
Anyone trying to convince me that it's not the case,
you would have a better chance if you were going to
attempt tempting a meth head,
offering alternatives such as ten cups of strong coffee instead.

So many intentions…

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Drunken Monkey 

Groovy illusions, over the moon. Feel the forces, soon to consume.

Drunken Monkey's vision's fuzzy when he's sucking on the booze. Groovy illusions, over the moon. Somethin' funky on the stereo. Intoxicated moves. Groovy illusions, over the moon.

When you hear the Beregofsky flow you can tell I'm buzzin’ like a mosquito. Speaking on a mic is gonna cost green notes 'cause I'm not the type to watch the broccoli grow. Gotta heave-ho 'cause I don't wanna be slow. It's gotta be pro when I'm droppin' these flows…

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I'm just another brother. I'm just a brother from another mother of another colour. I've been waiting a long time for us to love each other; for us to love another brother of another colour with another mother and another brother.

Adelaide's the place where I chill; where I build skill; all of my dreams are fulfilled. Never standing still, trying to climb the high hills. Real with the spiel, trying to rhyme for nice meals. I want the mass appeal so I can sign the right deal. Fatten up the yield so I can buy…

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