From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by The Cratez
Co-produced by Cozmo Beregofsky


You can see imperfection. It's especially present in so many rigged elections and natural selection and living on the pension. Best your pessimism isn't in effect, son. You've got the terrorism and the mannerisms of the men and women that wanna be rid of them enemies. Never medicine to better them. When death is entertaining soldiers of another nation it's a felony.

We develop the relevant truth for the remedy. Never letting intelligence drop when they're sellin' me all these images in cinemas and television willing us investing in 'em, grinning greedily. Forever we are surrounded by imperfection - Imperfection itself. For example, alcohol affecting health. Taking care of my biochemical wealth is more rare than a care bear providing a whole airfare to an elf. But even if I'm down and feeling miserable, I can handle the thoughts 'cause thoughts are invisible. They're not solid and they tend to stop bothering me when I'm just chillin' out; I can let 'em be. Focus on the positivity with my energy. Never anything the wisdom can't remedy. Got the knowledge inside. It keeps me sane. Meditation changing the states of the brain.

So maybe if I could believe that we are more than human beings, being more than bags of meat, we'd be animals that could stretch for the farthest reaches, just like our fathers teach us, and priests will likely preach in names of gods who'll never meet us. But we are not these creatures, we are fallible species that really smell as fresh as all our lies and all our faeces. And I am cynical 'cause Subliminal Criminal's perpetuating the mainframe while mostly killin' all individuality. Tryin' a make us into perfect membranes, but human beings ain't built that way. Nah, we are boob-tubed, YouTube fools with our heads full. Nose jobs, Botox, detox, edible bras and jocks, Big Macs, iPods. Fat kid's gotta get his hands on an X-Box. Creatures driven by a need to succeed in a world that we fucked up. Isn't that so sweet?

It's unwise to criticise other's imperfections without turning your eyes in your own direction. If you can't dissect introspectively, you'll never inspect me objectively. If you believe yourself perfect, you'll never learn shit. Most never discern this, their ego's too thick, too quick to trip on perceived criticism to see the wisdom that these fools are being given. The need to be dominant overcomes fluidity - the point at which confidence becomes stupidity. Insecurity means criticism is a threat, so check the fragility of self respect. Intellect neglected is soon reflected. Reality check finds you disconnected. And I can't respect it, I'd be dumb to try. Just correct it eat some humble pie.