Words by Cozmo Beregofsky

Most Valuable Resources Known to Humankind:
1. Consciousness
2. Health
3. Time
4. Attention
5. Everything else according to subjective preference

Consciousness is, or it is off.

There is no distant moment in the future I am waiting for. THIS is the moment.

I used to have faith in my music because of hope. Now I believe in my music because of evidence.

Seeking information. Peaking in creation.

That voice in your head - you might think it's you talking, but it's just you AND talking.

What's the difference between nope and hope? That little bit of extra effort to keep on reaching upwards.

A teardrop falls on an empty canvas. New wisdom to prevent the madness.

So interesting listening to the silence of this moment and wondering in amazement at how the universe composed it.

A woman is just a woman. A man is just a man. I am an awareness. This awareness is at peace.

So many intentions and perceptions from the different angles entangled; a million opinions in the truth.

Can we please be real? When it's all just a game these lives are destroyed. For the personal gain, anticipate men will be boys and guns will be toys. Anti-evolution of a human, losing wisdom and seduced by consumerism. Choosing systems of improving prisons of these groovy things and the desire that they usually bring.

Disrupting emptiness: seductive clutches, human clusters. Those smiling eyes.

Nothing else compares to having children. Most important purpose in his life is not the words he likes to write; it’s more that her and him reside together nursing baby child. When they’re bringing consciousness onto the Earth, disrupting emptiness like it was never there at all, this is seductive clutches, human clusters. It’s the pinnacle of beauty. See the miracle of humans when he’s looking into those smiling eyes.

Physically, future never exists; now is all there is. The past is how it got here. That makes it a lot clearer than it has appeared over many, many years of not achieving what I expect. Respect the cause and effect: a force of an awesome proportion affecting enormous assortments of thoughts and resources from all sources and of course it’s uniting everything.

What’s the meaning of even being a human being whether you’re an Indian, Indonesian, or European? Don’t really know but I’m moving into the unity in everything.

You can view the abusive moves easily. See the media brew the mood sleazily. Television amuses consumers with the new despicable news to confuse us.

When you hear the Beregofsky flow you can tell I'm buzzing like a mosquito. Speaking on a mic is gonna cost green notes 'cause I'm not the type to watch the broccoli grow. Gotta heave-ho 'cause I don't wanna be slow. It's gotta be pro when I'm droppin' these flows. Just wanna be awesome and release endorphins in increased portions for the fun of it.

It appears that we're deep fried vegetables on the couch eating deep fried vegetables while the companies keep thy message full in the mind that will push economical. Provocative, non-stoppin' verbal assault bombin' oncomin' an' uncommon, thermometer-top-poppin'.

The balance of yin and yang, the theory of big bang - everyone chooses awareness. Divine creation, reincarnation - everyone chooses awareness. Freedom and addiction, science and religion, intoxication and clarity, drugs, sex, money, power, politics, meditation - choose your own awareness.

Earthlings on an excursion. People are searching for the truth and emerging with diverse purpose, but nothing is certain. Sometimes an infinite mind can be a burden, especially when thoughts are incessantly circling - worse than an urchin lurkin' in ya gherkins. I wanna stay high but I don't mean like stoned; I mean like Michael Jordan in the zone when he rose to the pinnacle. Throw found the pivotal moment to win it all. Floated with minimal effort. Better than anyone ever was before him at jumping-up-and-then-dunkin'-from-foul-line soarin'. Beautiful city of Sydney: place of my birth. Now I'm making the most of my time on the face of the Earth until the day they put me into the grave in the dirt. Embrace challenges, try to stay brave and alert when I'm workin' the words.

Joyous baby giggles: the solution to life's riddles.

City of Churches is the city of verses. City of sitting back with a billy and herbs just livin' an' lovin' life with the synergy perfect. Rippin' another mic; electricity surges. Rap ability surplus got these emcees all fidgety nervous. Stomp on these sheep like gorilla berserkers. I'm not to be seen in the industry circus. Nah, I'm on a mission to service authenticity when I'm flippin' the verses. Talking on a beat, getting busy and working. Walking on the street, one in a million persons. Doing military service isn't my cup of tea. I'm like a hippy with purpose. All of these girls are looking so pretty and perfect. Make love, but not war; it'll be worth it.

Beyond your personal attributes, both those physical and those in the form of thoughts, I recognise and respect your consciousness. I hope that your consciousness can have many moments of peace and satisfaction. And yes, I am talking about YOU.

These days being a poor person isn't cheap.

As human development sustains an amazing pace only to remain in a dangerous place: totally insane, we've become intelligent, but we're not wise yet. As more scientists advise us of the crisis of global warming, continue to do it even though it's really stupid. Why do we use it if we don't know how to renew it? Great destruction, carnage, and mayhem: the wrath of Mother Nature with no intention to save men. Cavemen took aim then became spacemen searching for the meaning of life and aliens. Refugees migrate with big numbers landing. They navigate a world full of misunderstandings.

Taking care of my biochemical wealth is more rare than a care bear providing a whole air fare to an elf.

From the womb to the tomb, try to zoom to the moon. Consuming a balloon of goon to escape the doom 'n' gloom. Used to pick up the pen just to pass the time when I was bored. These days when I pick up the pen it's more like war. Draw the sword, improve the groove. Somethin' to prove. Got a long way to go. Gotta thank those of you who've been bumpin' the tunes. I just wanna wish you all the best. Let respect get directed to north, east, and a south, and a west direction.

As honest as a consciousness.

You see, my younger years are the reason as to why the fuck I'm here where I'm at in my mental habitat currently. When I rap: keep my mind attached to the track that's in front of me. Tryna put some cash in my economy honestly. That's a promise that I wanna honour, see? Sure you do. Keeping on the move are the human consumers. Looking for the room with the view of the hugest capital city in the ludicrously wealthy nations celebrating world-dominating, mentality-enslaving. Breaking the laws of the sacred raceless mateship, unified Earth shaped with love and respect. Spiritual intellect while the fools disrespect. Retrospect should be educational, but the history fails to convince of the need to proceed on the road of peace.

I’m diggin’ it more than earthworms.

I breathe deeply, hear the beat, and I speak poetry over these socially acceptable noises. Hoist my voice, boisterous. Eating poisoned oysters wouldn't make me voiceless; I bring the noise

Drunken Monkeys, get funky. Get off the wall like your name was Humpty Dumpty.

Adelaide's the place where I chill; where I build skill; all of my dreams are fulfilled. I'm never standing still, trying to climb the high hills. Real with the spiel, trying to rhyme for nice meals. I want the mass appeal so I can sign the right deal. Fatten up the yield so I can buy some nice wheels, but until then I'm gonna drive inside of a Datsun. 1981 was the year it was manufactured. The fact is that it's not adequate and it lacks bits. That gives auto-mechanics plenty of practice. Rapping to the track I've got the fatness. Immaculate facts packed in my chapters. Cruisin' 'round town with the sound. Time slowing down to the point that it's almost moving backwards. The maximum lack of action is happening. Sweet satisfaction is Adelaide slackness.

Don't even try 'cause I'm not going to let ya take away my right to spray rhymes. At the end of the day I'm just tryna make mine. If you get in my way I'll be happy to take time just to walk away; the laws obeyed. No violence, mate. I write some great rhymes in a private place where you cannot deny my space

Yeah, that's cool, but it's still concept.

Every thing is going to die and every thought is going to die. And the most will be made of this moment, and this moment alone, for this moment is all there is, and ever will be; it’s a party.

I was raised in Adelaide and born in Sydney. On poetic escapades I represent the galaxy.

An obsession with numbers. All they wanna do: gain possession, then slumber. Wake up again and gain more possession, then slumber. Eating up resources with digestion of a bunyip. They lose clarity while clinging to self-charity. Mathematically managing money manically. They found out sources unfortunately reported a real shortage of resources. Of course it's a good reason to start up a war on the grounds it's to restore order. However, reportedly it only caused great destruction, carnage, and mayhem. Everybody knows that that's no way to make friends. Obey them or they send flagrant invasion. They pay men to slay men for domination. Blatant engagement in the basic abrasive behaviour that creates trends.

I wish human beings would see the huge machine and start to rage against. That's a brave intent; most of us struggle as it is tryna pay the rent.

I've been uncertain of my purpose, searchin' the Earth's surface since birth in the person. Researchin' the curved surplus of the universe 'n' learning the turns that weren't worthless. In other words, workin' the word skills furthest. As a public speaker, once in a blue moon, nervous. Reason enough to be rockin' a few verses like the time when I rhymed at a primary school service; servin' the first verses at least ten years earlier than you heard this. Rehearsed words were conversed, dispersed without any urgency. Surgin' up in me: the ultimate feeling of certainty. Certainly furthered me, perfectly serving me, effectively nurturing these personal word-nerdy tendencies. So now I'm relentlessly blessing these mics. I'm in ecstasy. You could say that my destiny is to emcee to the best of me, definitely.

When I'm movin' through this confusion, love's what I'm choosin'. I'm steadily cruisin', improvin' immensely.

You don't wanna miss Mr Beregofsky hippin' an' hoppin' an' kickin' the mad philosophy properly. We're gonna flip the real scripts. Too much love for tough thugs to deal with. Beyond ill will we build fields for endless yields of realness so that the people can feel this.

TV says I gotta buy the product. When I see it in the shop front I'm divin' on it. Haven't got enough money? Never mind the wallet. Stock's limited; I'd better buy the lot! The bank statement was quite a shock. Now there's a new model that's twice as hot. I really wanna get it, but the price is not affordable at all whether I like it or not.

The whole of my crew is going to do what it takes to take the gold and the silver and the bronze medals, but it's not metal, it's hip hop.

Observation and preparation and self-motivation and concentration and patience to face any situation and make known my name to the hip hop nation. That’s the eventual outcome. Emcees will be completely outdone. It’s the thought that counts whenever writing a rhyme. Einstein-style insights are bound to pop up line by line

Inventin' the venom 'n' sendin' them messages endlessly. Enemies better be credible emcees to pester me even. Expecting to mess with these sedative, definite, benevolent-medicine sentences? Better be hesitant for your own benefit. This is the eloquence said to be relevant. Plenty of cleverness evidence, never erroneous. Ready to mention impressive assemblies resembling blessings of anything pleasant essentially. I wanna pave the way for greater days. And I wanna taste a change at a later stage.

Talking about Adelaide in the south of Australia. We drink paleies up ‘till we’re drunk and we jump down to the street and skateboard across town. It’s astounding surroundings around me and we profoundly are never bound to the boundaries.

Feel the forces of awesomeness 'cause Mary Jane's a mighty sorcerous. Gives me the special effects. Positive thoughts of this awkward bliss caused to exist from metamorphoses of the consciousness. It's illegal but I'm remorseless. Smoking started as an adolescent, late nineties, fond of freestyle rhyming also listening to Cypress' songs. These days the lights are on, green on my vaporizer bong. 193 degrees. Nice and strong. Weed price is wrong 'cause our rights are gone to utilise nature's supplies. Please legalise. Do you think I'm antisocial, paranoid or woeful? Always feeling depressed, schizophrenic or anything stereotypically said of bong lovers? If you're thinking 'no', we denunciated the wrong one. I'm mentally together from years of blazin' the bongs up. If you've been thinking it's 'yes', you must've been on drugs.

We develop the relevant truth for the remedy. Never letting intelligence drop when they're sellin' me all these images in cinemas and television willing us investing in 'em

Grenfell Street all the way to the train station is a downhill journey that's perfect for skateboarding. I never wear a helmet. That's why I'll always be breaking laws indeed, but anyway I'm staying relaxed to take more in of the city sights. The place of a simple life. This environment promoting being inspired is nice. It's the perfect habitat for the rapper writin' the rhymes. And the bigger that the city is, the higher the price. So I reside on the south side of an island where it's not about the cars, superstardom, or diamonds. Got my eyesight intertwined with the horizon. When I'm freestyling you can see my mind is wise an' I'm quite a nice guy who despises violence, and despises despising itself to find silence. Nothingness - peace of mind to find kindness. Aligned with the mighty fine divine aliveness.

Focus on the positivity with my energy. Never anything the wisdom can't remedy. Got the knowledge inside. It keeps me sane. Meditation changing the states of the brain.

We see the force of hate permeated in wars of late. Win at a high cost: innocent lives lost. People who might've got fired at quite a lot, tryna fight 'em off, blinded by the shot. One of his eyes lost but what for? Revenge attacks never end and that means there's gonna be a never-ending war on terror. There's your blood on the floor. Is there love when you fall? Or is there nothin' at all? Die wondering what would've happened if you once and for all practiced love for them all; non-violence other than if punks wanna brawl. Inside citadel, not livin' hell. Strictly self-defence guns installed. Who's gonna be the bigger man now? We gotta give a damn how thousands of generations in the future are gonna be living: at war or peace. Both sides, listen up - somebody's gotta say enough's enough. Start living in love, living in peace. Are we humanity or a beast?