1. Aliens

From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by The Cratez


If they were looking down onto the Earth, the aliens would be laughing at us. The crazy stuff we do; the way we fight; the aliens would be laughing at us.

From the womb to the tomb, try to zoom to the moon. Consuming a balloon of goon to escape the doom ‘n’ gloom. Used to pick up the pen just to pass the time when I was bored. These days when I pick up the pen it’s more like war. Draw the sword, improve the groove. Somethin' to prove. Got a long way to go. Gotta thank those of you who’ve been bumpin’ the tunes. I just wanna wish you all the best. Let respect get directed to north, east, and a south, and a west direction. I mention I like to link syllables, but do I have time to think? And I wanna know: do I have time to be? Is it one of those, or does time have me? Time’s up before the eye can blink, so I gotta go. Do I have time to think? And I wanna know: do I have time to be? Is it one of those, or does time have me? TV says I gotta buy the product. When I see it in the shop front I’m divin' on it. Haven’t got enough money? Never mind the wallet! Stock’s limited; I’d better buy the lot! The bank statement was quite a shock. Now there’s a new model that’s twice as hot. I really wanna get it, but the price is not affordable at all, whether I like it or not.

We see the force of hate permeated in wars of late. Win at a high cost: innocent lives lost. People who might've got fired at quite a lot, tryna fight ‘em off, blinded by the shot. One of his eyes lost, but what for? Revenge attacks never end, and that means there’s gonna be a never-ending war on terror. There’s your blood on the floor. Is there love when you fall? Or is there nothin' at all? Die wondering what would’ve happened if you once and for all practiced love for them all; non-violence other than if punks wanna brawl. Inside citadel, not living hell. Strictly self-defence guns installed. Who’s gonna be the bigger man now? We’ve gotta give a damn how thousands of generations in the future are gonna be living: at war, or peace. Both sides, listen up - somebody’s gotta say ‘enough’s enough’. Start living in love, living in peace. Are we humanity or a beast?