1. Smiling Eyes

From the recording Smiling Eyes

Produced by Allrounda Beats


Disrupting emptiness: seductive clutches, human clusters. Those smiling eyes.

It's a yes or no question. If the answer's 'yes', then it's gotta be definite. He started out benevolent. He's feeling like a predator now that it's the end of the relationship of take an' giving. An insane addiction to the same religion. Both remaining distant from the faith-inflicted consequences on defences that rely on reason for believing in 'em. People say one thing and do another. You can ask his ex-lover 'cause it's never been tougher. She's bound to tell you that she was the one who dealt with crap when he gave her everything, but then he took it all back. Seriously all wack, but he couldn't call that at the time. He was just a blind man walking in a straight line. I suppose that was the path chosen. Hiding behind the smoke 'n' mirrors, the walls are closing in on him. He's alone and mystery is a burden. Proceeding on the journey, leaving a trail of hearts broken.

There's excessive shame and too much guilt attached to it for him to go back to it. Trying to adapt to this big lack of the passionate speeches and the actions they practiced for so long in the same habitat back when they were so strong. It seems it's gotta go wrong for him to be wiser. Now he's gonna rise up from the ashes higher. Maybe one day provide the bacon to a bride a little while in the future. He's improving the blueprint of who he will admire: lady full of desire. They might ignite a fire 'cause they make it so hot when they share the same saliva. And possibly by the end of night they might've multiplied the human species higher. Looking for the one, he keeps his eyes up. He doesn't know if you're the one, but he might as well try ya. He believes it's only blind love if his eyes are shut. Now his eyes are open to find love and kindness.

With a little bit of luck he'll meet a beautiful lady attracted to real men. Better yet, a real friend underneath his quilt then get busy and build them baby people. Nothing else compares to having children. Most important purpose in his life is not the words he likes to write; more that her and him reside together, nursing baby child. When they're bringing consciousness onto the Earth, disrupting emptiness like it was never there at all, this is seductive clutches, human clusters. It's the pinnacle of beauty. See the miracle of humans when he's looking into those smiling eyes.