From the recording Mother Culture's Circle

Produced by Allrounda Beats


Struggle is on in this person, in amongst myself, then I listen to the rhythm and it’s funky as hell. ‘Cause I’m balancing my eggs and I’m running as well. Am I winning, am I losing? Man, I can’t even tell. Repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle; it’s repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle; it’s repeated rehearsal, Mother Culture’s circle, man, stuff this! However, by the sea and next to the desert is a land with some people whose minds can expand. From the meditator, to the poet, and the musician, and even the doctors, optometrists, and beauticians. Feeling at home and humble, eating an apple crumble. Totally in love with this environment. Talking about Adelaide in the south of Australia. We drink Paleies up ‘til we’re drunk and we jump down to the street and skateboard across town. It’s astounding surroundings around me and we profoundly are never bound to the boundaries.

Observation, preparation, self-motivation, concentration and patience to face any situation and make known my name to the hip hop nation. That’s the eventual outcome. Emcees will be completely outdone. It’s the thought that counts whenever writing a rhyme. Einstein-style insights are bound to pop up line by line. One of a kind. I’m incredibly wise. When I’m freestyling I might talk violence, despite what the people like – it’s my birthright to stop another awkward silence. Besides this, when I’m spitting a rhyme, I derive liveliness and open up your eyelids. Surprised that the skill level is so high? It’s about time, I’m clocking up incredible mileage.

Hip hop, without a doubt, it lives and I’m living it. No recording contract strings and I’m killing it. Lyricism winning listeners, isn’t it? I’m just tryna be the king pin lyricist. Keep an eye on my insignificance here in the scheme of things. Still I dream of wings. Need the weed and the relief it brings. Mr Beregofsky and a team of kings kickin’ raps so cleverly; rhythm patterns and melodies. Drums are fat and they’re heavily gonna smack and it’s heavenly.