1. James Bong 007

From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by Cozmo Beregofsky


Feel the forces of awesomeness 'cause Mary Jane's a mighty sorcerous. Gives me the special effects. Positive thoughts of this awkward bliss caused to exist from metamorphoses of the consciousness. It's illegal, but I'm remorseless. Smoking started as an adolescent, late nineties, fond of freestyle rhyming also listening to Cypress' songs. These days the lights are on, green on my vaporizer bong. 193 degrees. Nice and strong. Weed price is wrong 'cause our rights are gone to utilise nature's supplies. Please legalise. Do you think I'm antisocial, paranoid or woeful? Always feeling depressed, schizophrenic or anything stereotypically said of bong lovers? If you're thinking 'no', we denunciated the wrong one. I'm mentally together from years of blazin' the bongs up. If you've been thinking it's 'yes', you must've been on drugs.

Breathe in, breathe out. Relax, listen. Concentrate on the lyrics, and the beat will begin to carry you.