From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by The Cratez


Can we please be real? When it's all just a game these lives are destroyed. For the personal gain, anticipate men will be boys and guns will be toys. Anti-evolution of a human, losing wisdom and seduced by consumerism. Choosing systems of improving prisons of these groovy things and the desire that they usually bring.

An obsession with numbers. All they wanna do: gain possession, then slumber. Wake up again and gain more possession, then slumber. Eating up resources with digestion of a bunyip. They lose clarity while clinging to self-charity. Mathematically managing money manically. They found out sources unfortunately reported a real shortage of resources. Of course it's a good reason to start up a war on the grounds it's to restore order. However, reportedly it only caused great destruction, carnage, and mayhem. Everybody knows that that's no way to make friends. Obey them or they send flagrant invasion. They pay mento slay men for domination. Blatant engagement in the basic abrasive behaviour that creates trends.

Yes, we get the message; advertising is a little excessive. For me, it's not impressive 'cause when we are obsessive stress is excessive. As human development sustains an amazing pace only to remain in a dangerous place: totally insane, we've become intelligent, but we're not wise yet. As more scientists advise us of the crisis of global warming, continue to do it even though it's really stupid. Why do we use it if we don't knowhow to renew it? Great destruction, carnage, and mayhem: the wrath of Mother Nature with no intention to save men. Cavemen took aim then became spacemen searching for the meaning of life and aliens. Refugees migrate with big numbers landing. They navigate a world full of misunderstandings.