From the recording Drunken Monkey

Produced by Cozmo Beregofsky


You can view the abusive moves easily. See the media brew the mood sleazily. Television amuses consumers with the new despicable news to confuse us. Disapprove? Yes, I certainly do. The nuisance is it's right in front of us - doesn't mean that we're seein' it. Visually unreceptive and we're not seein' it. And we're all physically unresponsive 'cause it's a part of life. It appears that we're deep fried vegetables on the couch eating deep fried vegetables while the companies keep thy message full in the mind that will push economical. Provocative, non-stoppin' verbal assault bombin' oncomin' an' uncommon, thermometer-top-poppin'. Unlockin' the blocks of stocks of hip hop morals is what the whole of my crew all are gonna do. You see, my younger years are the reason as to why the fuck I'm here where I'm at in my mental habitat currently. When I rap: keep my mind attached to the track that's in front of me. Tryna put some cash in my economy honestly. That's a promise that I wanna honour, see? Sure you do. Keeping on the move are the human consumers. Looking for the room with the view of the hugest capital city in the ludicrously wealthy nations celebrating world-dominating, mentality-enslaving. Breaking the laws of the sacred raceless mateship, unified Earth shaped with love and respect. Spiritual intellect while the fools disrespect. Retrospect should be educational, but the history fails to convince of the need to proceed on the road of peace - cease all the violence at least so the weak will be strong. We'll all get along with a song. And it's on with the positive lozenge-style-soothing, groovy vibrations. Unify the nation of Hip Hop. Non-stop tip-top condition of diction; it's hot. Running over tracks intact without a pit stop. We know how to give you the slap without the slip slop.

The balance of yin and yang, the theory of big bang - everyone chooses awareness. Divine creation, reincarnation - everyone chooses awareness. Freedom and addiction, science and religion, intoxication and clarity, drugs, sex, money, power, politics, meditation - choose your own awareness.

Earthlings on an excursion. People are searching for the truth and emerging with diverse purpose, but nothing is certain. Sometimes an infinite mind can be a burden, especially when thoughts are incessantly circling - worse than an urchin lurkin' in ya gherkins. I wanna stay high but I don't mean like stoned; I mean like Michael Jordan in the zone when he rose to the pinnacle. Throw found the pivotal moment to win it all. Floated with minimal effort. Better than anyone ever was before him at jumping-up-and-then-dunkin'-from-foul-line soarin'. Beautiful city of Sydney: place of my birth. Now I'm making the most of my time on the face of the Earth until the day they put me into the grave in the dirt. Embrace challenges, try to stay brave and alert when I'm workin' the words. Word to the word nerds and speech to the geeks. It's bleak in the streets for the homeless. Story to tell from glory to hell. Maybe they're sick of working minimum wage, fillin' with rage - no surprise. And maybe the days they were wasting the gravy and placing the wages so as not to be labeled as un-Australian was really just fund raising for bookies. Taking a look at themselves, making a change 'til next pay day.