Cozmo Beregofsky


All words written by Cozmo Beregofsky...

So the Cavs have closed out the series against Chicago, and the LeBron James/Michael Jordan​ comparisons continue to gain momentum. Fair enough really; after all, LeBron has done something numerous times that Jordan could NEVER have accomplished...he has won a playoffs series against the Chicago Bulls.

The one inconvenience of ordering dinner for home delivery during hot weather is that I'm supposed to wear pants when I answer the door.
Beyond your personal attributes - both those physical, and those in the form of thoughts, I recognize and respect your consciousness. I hope that your consciousness can have many moments of peace and satisfaction. And yes, I am talking about YOU.
So The Wiggles have become immortal. It appears that from now on, when a Wiggle reaches a certain age, it will be replaced by a new one to don the coloured scivvy and they will carry on like nothing happened. This seems very similar to the ways of the comic book super hero, The Phantom. In honour of my observation, I would appreciate it if the producers of The Wiggles would kindly change the name of their show to 'The Wiggles: Ghosts Who Wiggle'.
Almond milk is for baby almonds, not humans!
A teardrop falls on an empty canvas.
New wisdom to prevent the madness.


A woman is just a woman. A man is just a man. I am an awareness. This awareness is at peace.


So interesting listening to the silence of this moment
and wondering in amazement at how the universe composed it.


What's the difference between nope and hope? That little bit of extra effort to keep on reaching upwards.


So many intentions and perceptions from the different angles entangled; a million opinions in the truth.


These days being a poor person isn't cheap.


Taking care of my biochemical wealth is more rare than a care bear providing a whole air fare to an elf.


As honest as a consciousness. 


Every thing is going to die. And every thought is going to die. And the most will be made of this moment, and this moment alone, for this moment is all there is, and ever will be – it’s a party.


You can see imperfection. It’s especially present in so many rigged elections and natural selection and living on the pension – best your pessimism isn’t in effect, son.


Disrupting emptiness – seductive clutches, human clusters. Those smiling eyes.


Never anything the wisdom can’t remedy.


 Nothing else compares to having children. The most important purpose in his life is not the words he likes to write - it’s more that her and him reside together, nursing baby child. When they’re bringing consciousness onto the Earth, disrupting emptiness like it was never there at all, this is seductive clutches, human clusters. It’s the pinnacle of beauty. See the miracle of humans when he’s looking into those smiling eyes.


Accept the fact that practice makes perfect. Inherit the crown only when you deserve it.


Imagine if money was not an obsession. I’m guessing we could stress less for possessions. Investments in warfare, and tension between the Middle-East and the West could lessen.


Emcees charging entry fees seems obscene when they speak on a mic, but don’t know the meaning of emcee. Face it – this is not a vacation. More hip hop than painting a train station is gonna be needed.


I’m diggin’ it more than earthworms.


Hovering through the heavens properly and often we’ve got the lock and key to oxygen as an economy.


I’m not a prop and I’m a proper hoppin’ hippin’ rocker. Independent.


What’s the meaning of even being a human being – whether you’re an Indian, Indonesian, or European? Don’t really know but I’m moving into the unity in everything.


What the words earn doesn’t disturb the words heard in the future. It’s non-stop quality, permanently super.


Physically, future never exists. Now is all there is. The past is how it got here. That makes it a lot clearer than it has appeared over many many years of not achieving what I expect. Respect the cause and effect. It’s a force of an awesome proportion affecting enormous assortments of thoughts and resources from all sources and of course it’s uniting everything.


Yeah, that's cool, but it's still concept.


Human evolution - what came first - language or alcohol?


Joyous baby giggles - the solution to life's riddles.


 I personally value concentration more than confidence.


Life’s eternal question – what should I do now?


 ...Anyone trying to convince me that it's not the case - you would have a better chance if you were going to attempt tempting a meth head, offering alternatives such as ten cups of strong coffee instead.


 I was raised in Adelaide, and born in Sydney. On poetic escapades I represent the galaxy.


Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the emcees bite.